Architecture is free.

I am interested in architecture as a field of art and design. It is expressive in powerful ways and constantly amazes me. My view on architecture is not the correct one as I don’t believe there is a correct style. It simply is. I think, as architects, we have the power to influence people’s environments and alter how they interact with their surroundings. Being a control freak comes in to good use here, because I like to be able to develop and define rather than translate or interpret. I want to constantly be able to affect the field of architecture and the people I work with because they do the same to me. I don’t want to be inspired and stand in awe of buildings. I’d rather cause those reactions in not only the images and renderings I can produce, but within the argument of a project. I think that architecture must be argued and must be fought for, because if we do not intervene, the pop-culture mugging of architecture will be its demise.

I play way too many video games, and enjoy digital graphics and presentation. I think the video game industry, being filled with youth, is inspiring to me as a young architect. My interest in architecture can be partially attributed as being derived from the digital worlds created by many of the video games I played growing up.